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We have gone to the lab & cooked up monthly competitions and side challenges.

Face the international hazards like High Voltage, Explosive, Nuclear, and Bio-hazard, or face the Olympian Gauntlet comprised of over 20 brutal hero style WOD’s. All 100% FREE.

Earn Badges, Trophies, & FREE Gear.

Badges and trophies are displayed on your Athlete Dashboard page.

Earn badges by completing single workouts and earn a series badge for completing multiple WOD’s in a series.


Post your score. Share Your Results. Challenge your friends!

This is the next gen scoreboard you have been waiting for. Post your video, display your badges, & share your results on social media to call out your friends.

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What is WOD Throwdown?

WOD Throwdown is a Game Changer.   There are THOUSANDS of Athletes of all levels currently competing.

This is a unique way to do competitions. Challenge yourself and your friends.

With our WODLAB app, you can…

  • Compete at on your schedule.  This will NOT interfere with your normal programming.
  • Compete alone or as a team
  • Any competition WOD can be used as a benchmark – Come back anytime and check out your improvement
  • All Named, Hero’s, Girl’s, Etc are being loaded in the system for your consumption.
  • We will provide daily programming at no cost.
  • Run your own competition (coming soon)

WOD Throwdown + WODLAB =  Your WOD GAMIFIED!


Hazards – Will You Survive?

Collectively they’re the most dangerous substances on Earth.

Each month of 2017 you’ll face a new Hazard.

The Hazards will push you to your limit – and beyond.

Emerge unbroken and you’ll be rewarded with badges, discounted gear, and bragging rights.



Olympian Throwdown

“Olympian Throwdown is an online fitness competition featuring 12 Greek god-themed workouts ( or “throwdowns” as we call them)

Each “god WOD” is a metaphor for an inner demon you must conquer. Zeus will challenge your strength. Poseidon will try to wreck your stamina. Some will play with your mind. Others will test to see if you have any quit in you. All will challenge you & make you rise to your best.

New features this year…

  • Earn badges for completing monthly WODs and side challenges
  • Redo the WOD at any time, improve your score and track your progress
  • Share your results to social media and challenge your friends

PLUS – we’ve added the new “King of the Hill” feature. Who will be crowned the Ultimate Champion?



The Way It Works Is Simple

Welcome to 2017 and welcome to a new year of throwdowns. This year’s monthly series is a FREE event for anyone who wants to participate, so INVITE YOUR FRIENDS INTO THIS GROUP. More people = more fun.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

MONTHLY EVENTS: We will release one workout per month. We will release the workouts, open the scoreboard, and provide a secret link to purchase an event t shirt on the 1st of each month. As soon as a month closes for competition winners will be announced, but the scoreboard will remain open indefinitely for those who want to go back and try again (or try for the first time).

T SHIRTS: Event shirts will be immediately available for purchase at the start of each event, and at a discount to athletes who register and compete in the month of the release ($35 list price, $25 competitor price). Athletes will have the option to purchase multiple shirts, or start the season later in the year and go back to purchase previous month’s shirts if they so desire. Also, division winners from each month will get the following month’s t shirt for free.

TEAMS: Any box with at least two men and two women competing in the individual competitions (with a minimum of 5 teams) will have their scores combined for a team result. The winning team each month will receive a custom vinyl Team Champion banner to hang in their box.As a Throwdown Athlete, you’ll be challenged and put to the ultimate test.

Do the monthly Hazards challenge, take on all 26 Olympian Workouts, record your benchmarks, and consume daily workouts.

Compete, PROVE your Fitness, WIN badges, discounted and free gear, and track your progress inside the NEW & IMPROVED WODLAB app.

Our system allows you to upload a video of your workout directly to the scoreboard to PROVE your performance.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

1 – Sign Up (hey it’s FREE)
2 – Do the WOD’s
3 – See your results instantly!



Low Temp – Announcement & Movement Standards

Low Temperature is...

RX - 15min of Ascending:
- 4 Wallballs (20/14 at 10’/9’)
- 3 Toes to Bar
- 2 Deadlifts (185/135)
- 1 Hand Stand Push Up

Scaled - 15min of Ascending:
- 4 Wallballs (16/10 at 10’/9’)
- 3 Knees to Chest
- 2 Deadlifts (155/105)
- 1 Burpee

This is an ascending ladder with a 15 min time cap.

The Rep Scheme looks like this:

Round 1
4 Wallballs (20/14 at 10’/9’)
3 Toes to Bar
2 Deadlifts (185/135)
1 Hand Stand Push Up

Round 2
8 Wallballs (20/14 at 10’/9’)
6 Toes to Bar
4 Deadlifts (185/135)
2 Hand Stand Push Up

Round 3
12 Wallballs (20/14 at 10’/9’)
9 Toes to Bar
6 Deadlifts (185/135)
3 Hand Stand Push Up


Scorecards can be printed from:

Log your scores and upload your video at:

Register Here:



High Voltage – Announcement & Movement Standards


15 - 12 - 9
Hang Power Cleans (115/75 lbs) (52/34 kg)
Burpee Box Jumps (24/20 in)
Thrusters (115/75 lbs) (52/34 kg)

There is a 20 minute time cap in WOD 1. DO NOT BREAK THE CAP. If not comfortable with RX weight, please choose a weight that you and your coach are comfortable with. Please work within your abilities.

Scorecards can be printed from:

Log your scores and upload your video at: